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Hours: Monday - Friday (excluding major holidays) - 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM

Our day care service is designed for dog owners who are unable to be with their pets during the day, or those who wish to provide their pets with the exercise, socialization and mental stimulation that only come from being with other dogs within a controlled environment.

With over 78,000 sq ft of outdoor play area and our large climate controlled indoor play room, you can be sure your pet is comfortable year round and has plenty of space for play.

Our campus offers sun and shade, pools, beds, toys and more, all for the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs. Daycare has two awnings and decks that were installed to provide shade and rain protection and assist with overall comfort for both our daycare dogs and staff! In addition, we have brand-new playground equipment specifically designed for dog play.

Our trained staff provides constant supervision throughout the day to ensure interactions between dogs are maintained at a safe and appropriate level.

Please contact us today with any questions or to set up an appointment for your dog's first day of trial. Give us a call at 603.285.5403 or sign up online.

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Love love love! Benson adores coming here and sometimes he is so tired I have to help him in and out of the car and even during the ride home he will just sleep on the floor instead of in the passenger seat. When he first came he would try to follow me as I left for work during drop off, after the third time he scratches at the door to waiting for the staff to open it so he can go play, he doesn't even give me a second look - for a dog who has struggled with separation anxiety this is a big change!

— Stephanie Hartley

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There’s always something fun going on at doggie daycare. There are lots of friends of all ages to play with at Great Bay. Our huge campus allows us to separate into groups as needed, so your pup can enjoy playtime with others without any worries. For those dogs who prefer to be alone and burn off a little extra energy, we have toys to choose from such as tennis balls, frisbees, and rope toys.

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Got a water loving K9? We’ve got you covered! Big dogs and little dogs love our pools. Whether they prefer to wade in gently or splash and dive, our deep and shallow pools offer them the freedom to do so.

best dog daycare services durham nh

With us, daycare isn’t just about the young and energetic puppies. Many of our clients are sweet and mature dogs who need a supervised, climate controlled place to spend their day while Mom and Dad are away. We offer caring and experienced staff who your dogs will be eager to see each day, and our ample room allows them the space to enjoy themselves rather than be crowded by roughhousing youngsters!

top rated dog daycare services durham nh

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