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"Great Bay Kennel is not just a clean, safe environment for your furbabies to stay when the humans are on is truly camp for the four legged members of the family. Our Sydney, Spunky and Shelly really thought they were going to camp and looked forward to their stays. It actually hurt my feelings when I would go to pick them up, they were happy to see me, ran out with tails wagging...and then turned to go back to "camp" . You must be doing something right!

The staff at camp really knew our babies and several times they were the first to notice that a medical issues needed to be checked. Having the hospital so close and knowing that Dr Jim and the hospital staff checked on the campers daily was very reassuring that our "children" were getting the best care all the time. Love you all at Great Bay Kennel and hospital!"

— Sharon Brody, Durham, NH

Yorkshire terrier being groomed

Grooming should not be reserved just for poodles or show dogs. Regular visits to a professional groomer can give your dog more than just a makeover.

When your pet is groomed, not only will it look and smell better, it will feel better. In some cases, an experienced groomer will discover evidence of potential health problems that may require the attention of a veterinarian before they become more serious.

Regular grooming, bathing, nail clips, ear cleaning and gland care are important to your animal, and it will add to your own enjoyment of this special member of your family.

Great Bay Kennel grooming believes in fostering a positive environment for all their grooming clients. We accommodate pets that due to their advanced age or medical conditions cannot tolerate a traditional grooming experience. Please call to consult with one of our groomers.

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